Banking Equipment & Solutions

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Card Manufacturing
Artwork Development
Card Printing
Magnetic Encoding
Card Personalization (Embossing/ Indenting)

EMV Contact/ DI Cards

Card Manufacturing
Chip Embedding
Chip Personalization
Artwork Development
Card Printing

PIN Mailer

PIN Mailer Printing
Artwork Development
Online PIN handling

ATM Receipt & Journal Rolls

Receipt Rolls for Diebold, NCR and other brands
Artwork Development
Receipt Roll Customized Printing
Different sizes and Diameters
Journal Rolls in different sizes
Receipt Rolls for Token and POS

Card Pouch/ Envelops

Artwork Development
Printing of Pouch and Envelops for Cards and PIN mailers

Bill Counter/ Cash Sorters

Jet KBC 100 AFN
Bill Counter
Different sizes and Diameters


  • Automatic start, stop and clear
  • With UV, MG, MT, IR, DD detection while counting
  • With batch, add and self-examination function
  • LCD color change to red when detect fake note
  • With total value calculating function (optional)
  • Software can be updated through RJ-11 port
  • Suitable for USD, EURO and AFN


  • Hopper capacity: 200 bills
  • Stacker capacity: 200 bills
  • Counting Speed: ≥1000 pcs/min
  • Dimension: 300x235x200 mm
  • Size of Countable Notes: 50×110-90×190 mm
  • Thickness of Countable Notes: 0.075-0.15 mm
  • Counting Display: 4 digits
  • Batch Display: 3 digits
  • Net Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Gross Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Power Supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: ≤80W
  • Size of Color Box: 375×313×255 mm

Jet Magnifier

Visa, Passport and Diploma.


  • Ultraviolet light detects security threads
  • Fluorescent light for watermark verification
  • Built-in magnifier for micro-print verification
  • Equipped with magnetic sensor to detect magnetic feature Rechargeable lithium battery inside for portable usage ( optional )
  • Suitable for all currencies in the world


  • Ambient temperature: 0-45 C
  • Ambient Humidity: 85%
  • Power voltage: AC 100V-240,50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Net Weight: Approx. 504g
  • Dimensions: Approx. 202*106*105 mm

Hardware Security Module

We supply HSM for banking industry along with support and integration services.

POS Terminals

We supply Linux and Android POS terminals from the world leading brands such as PAX, Castle, MobiGo and NEXGO.

Teller Voucher

Kabul Barya is supplying carbonless 2ply, 3ply and 4ply teller voucher in different colors and sizes to Afghanistan banking industry

Queue Management System Kiosks

The right queuing system is part of delighting your customers
We offer solutions for any size of organization, covering basic as well as complex needs
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